Minutes for September 27th – Guest Speaker Reminder!

Here are the minutes for the NSCC CLA meeting on September  27th 2013.

This Friday October 4th, we will be having a guest speaker coming in to talk to us!

Erica Smith is the current President of NSALT and will be speaking at 12:00 sharp!

Everyone is invited and there will be snacks!

Meeting Minutes: 12:30pm

In Attendance:

Executive Officers

President: Staci Stryde
Vice President: Jennifer Robichaud
Treasurer: Aaron Larter
Secretary: Simon Helliwell
First-year Liaison: Arissa McConnell
Second-year Liaison: Nicole Wright
Web Manager: Max Muise


Ashley Coutts
Sonja Myers
Marjorie Shepherd
Dawn Meuse
Colleen Trenholm
Danielle Hoar
Patricia Langille
Chantal AuCoin
Briane Yorke
Scott Harrett
Qi Lao

Bank Account Balance: ??

Old Business:
1. Staci has an appointment with the bank to discuss the bank balance.
2. Arissa brought in a book box for the book sale. Danielle worked on the posters for the book sale, which are almost finished. Staci emailed Sylvie Lavoie to book space downstairs in the atrium for the NSCC CLA Student Chapter book sale.

New Business:
1. Dates for the book sale were discussed, including October 28th, 29th and 30th, a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. The book sale could take place on Monday the 28th, led by the first years, between 11am and 2pm and on Tuesday the 29th by the second years at the same time. Arissa and Nicole will send an email to their classes asking for donations and for volunteers to help run the book sale.
2. Staci reminded everyone to renew their memberships for the NSCC CLA Student Chapter.
3. Aaron said he would organize the financial records for the Chapter, and Staci would be getting the receipts to him to help him do that.
4. Staci reminded everyone of the guest speaker, Erica, coming from NSALT to the Student Chapter on Friday, October 4th to discuss membership. The first and second years would get out early from their class at 12:00. Staci suggested that people volunteer to bring in snacks and Arissa said she would send out an email concerning possible allergies.
5. The group brainstormed an idea for a gift for the guest speaker and eventually decided on a mug from the NSCC store, which was to be paid for out of the NSCC CLA Student Chapter fund.
6. The group discussed the NSCC CLA Student Chapter Halloween party. The first years do not have classes on Thursday the 31st of October, so it was suggested that it be held on Friday, November 1st between 12:30pm and 2:30pm. The party is going to be a game night with a potluck of the junk food variety, and that it is suggested people bring in games, food and decorations. Dressing up in costume is optional.
7. The group brainstormed ideas for advocacy:
a. Early literacy
b. Teen literacy
c. ESL
d. Library and Archives Canada
Staci suggested that everyone continue to brainstorm ideas over the next two weeks before the next meeting and the group would continue to discuss it then.

Next Meeting: Friday, October 4th (guest speaker)

Meeting Adjourned: 1:04pm

Guest speaker, October 4th 2013, 12 pm


We are so excited to announce that we have our first guest speaker for the year!

Friday October 4th, the CLASC will welcome Erica Smith the current  President of the Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians (NSALT). Please join us at noon in the library classroom (5150) for our guest speakers.

Snacks will be provided.

We hope you all can join us!

Guest speakers (cancelled)

Unfortunately, the guest speakers are unable to make it today. We’ve rescheduled the meeting next week, Wednesday April 10th at 12:30pm in the library classroom.

Hope to see you all next week!

Guest speakers

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 3rd, the CLASC will welcome Erica Smith and Carmelita Shea, the current and past Presidents of the Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians (NSALT). Please join us at 12:30pm in the library classroom for our guest speakers.

Snacks will be provided.

Hope to see you all there! 🙂

Guest speaker

graphic novelsJust a quick reminder that Lara MacAllister from Halifax Public Libraries will be in the library classroom at 12:30pm tomorrow for a talk on graphic novels. This is a really great opportunity for everyone to learn about collection development with respect to collecting non-traditional formats.

Hope to see you all there!

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